eeds has an Automated Outcome Study feature which will help you to determine how your CME is impacting physician practice. Go green with eeds!  All your reports are available online 24/7. eeds is intelligent software in the respect that it tries to learn how you use the system and adjust to you to save time and effort. Use the eeds swipe system to reduce paper, improve accuracy, and speed up your CME tracking workflow Administrators can control the level of access and features the CME event coordinators have. Stop paying extra just to have more than one person access your CME tracker software.  With eeds there are no station or coordinator license fees. eeds is a CME tracker software system that is easy to use, yet very powerful. Turnkey CME reporting means that all your required reports are just a click away. We will not monkey around with your survey!  Using eeds online evaluation the attendee can do the evaluation and then download a CME certificate. With eeds you can upload your course materials and make them available from smartphones or the eeds iPhone App! Use eeds to help you test, evaluate, and give attendance credit for your online enduring material events. Reporting to the ACCME PARS system is a breeze with eeds; a few clicks and your yearly report is ready! Tracking, Collecting, and Managing Speaker Disclosures is quick and easy using eeds Since eeds is web-based software you can access from any computer...whether you work at the office or from home!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does eeds work?
eeds captures activity attendance with an eeds swipe card and swipe terminal. The process is simple, and typically works like this:
  1. The activity coordinator enters the activity’s information online and is given an activity identification number, or AIN.
  2. The AIN is entered into the eeds terminal, and attendees swipe their eeds card through the terminal upon arrival at the activity.
  3. After the activity, the activity coordinator transmits the attendance data to eeds through a standard analog (fax) line and a toll-free number.
  4. Once the data is transmitted from the terminal, the attendance reports are immediately available online.
Take the eeds online tour to see the system in action!

We already have ID cards with a magnetic stripe. Do we still have to use the eeds swipe card?
No. The eeds terminal can be programmed to accept almost any kind of swipe card, so chances are good that the cards your attendees are already carrying can be used in conjunction with the eeds terminal to document attendance with eeds.

Can eeds track the amount of time an attendee is present at an activity?
Yes. If required, the eeds terminal can be set up to allow attendees to both swipe in to and out of an activity. The total amount of time each attendee was at the activity will then be displayed on the attendance report.

What happens if someone forgets to swipe in at an activity?
eeds has a non-swiping attendee feature that allows attendance to be documented in eeds even if an attendee forgot to swipe in.

Do eeds’ reports meet the accreditation requirements of the ACCME?
Absolutely. Every report eeds offers meets the requirements of the ACCME and is all you’ll need to document attendance.

Can eeds help me track attendance at cancer conferences and tumor boards?
Yes. In fact, eeds has developed reports specifically for use with cancer conferences and tumor boards. And, all of eeds’ cancer reports meet the accreditation requirements of both the ACCME and the American College of Surgeons.

Is the data stored in eeds secure?
Yes. eeds makes use of multiple backup technologies and stores data both on and off site. Additionally, the eeds Web site is verified by Network Solutions so you can be sure that your data is both private and secure.

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