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To better understand how eeds can help you more easily and efficiently track your CME, we invite you to take a tour of our services. Along the way, you'll get an inside glimpse at the premium services our subscribers enjoy.

As you'll see, eeds makes documenting your CME easy by allowing you to organize and access your credits online anytime from virtually any computer.

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The eeds Interface makes managing your CME simple. The logical navigation tabs provide quick access to the core features of eeds, which are then broken-down into more specialized tools. Everything is right where you need it, making eeds as powerful as it is simple.
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eeds’ subscribers enjoy access to detailed attendance reports. Simply pick a date range, and every activity that you’ve attended where eeds was in use will appear on your report. Better still, with our advanced report option you can pick the specific activities you want on your report.
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eeds’ self-declared credit features can help you document your participation in journal clubs, presentation preparation, and online CME, as well as a number of other non-traditional CME mediums. Simply choose the most relevant category for the type of CME you’re claiming, enter the date the learning happened, and then tell us who sponsored the learning.
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Point-of-Care Learning is a completely new way for healthcare professionals to earn CME credit. By simply documenting the research you’re already doing, you’re eligible to earn up to 20 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ or AAFP Prescribed Credits per year. eeds has streamlined the process to three simple steps.
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eeds makes it easy to track your progress toward personal CME goals or mandated CME requirements. Choose from eeds’ comprehensive list of state, academy, and organizationally mandated CME requirements or create your own personal CME goal. Once you do, a bar graph on your home menu will display the progress you’ve made toward the requirement or goal.
CME Requirements
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