Terms of Service


By using eeds website and ay services, you are acknowledging you have read and agree to our terms of service. If you have any questions regarding these terms, please contact eeds. eeds is dedicated to simplifying your continuing health education management, and in order to do so we need you to abide by the following terms:


  • You will not share your username and password and are responsible for keeping the username and password confidential.
  • Your account is designed for one user and shall not be shared among multiple users.
  • Your account information should have accurate identifying information. In other words, you may not impersonate another person or enter generic information.


  • You may not upload or enter any code or malware whether malicious or not.
  • You may not upload any content not related to continuing education. All content must be appropriate and lawful.
  • Internal messaging and forums are available in order to enhance the learning experience. Spamming other users or sending inappropriate or offensive content is prohibited.


  • Access to education provider accounts depends on up-to-date payment for service.
  • Healthcare professional accounts may be suspended if any payment made through eeds is cancelled at the banking institution. eeds can assist with payments for eeds subscriptions. Any payment for education can be handled through the organization hosting the content.

Logos and Branding

  • eeds forbids the use of its images and logos unless specifically authorized in writing. If you would like to use our images, please contact us.