eeds has an Automated Outcome Study feature which will help you to determine how your CME is impacting physician practice. Go green with eeds!  All your reports are available online 24/7. eeds is intelligent software in the respect that it tries to learn how you use the system and adjust to you to save time and effort. Use the eeds swipe system to reduce paper, improve accuracy, and speed up your CME tracking workflow Administrators can control the level of access and features the CME event coordinators have. Stop paying extra just to have more than one person access your CME tracker software.  With eeds there are no station or coordinator license fees. eeds is a CME tracker software system that is easy to use, yet very powerful. Turnkey CME reporting means that all your required reports are just a click away. We will not monkey around with your survey!  Using eeds online evaluation the attendee can do the evaluation and then download a CME certificate. With eeds you can upload your course materials and make them available from smartphones or the eeds iPhone App! Use eeds to help you test, evaluate, and give attendance credit for your online enduring material events. Reporting to the ACCME PARS system is a breeze with eeds; a few clicks and your yearly report is ready! Tracking, Collecting, and Managing Speaker Disclosures is quick and easy using eeds Since eeds is web-based software you can access from any computer...whether you work at the office or from home!

CME Tracking and Reporting

for Education Providers

eeds (rhymes with needs) is an online CME tracking system for education providers. Our web-based system is the simplest CME tracking system to learn and use...we guarantee it! Our comprehensive system will allow you to eliminate paperwork, streamline your processes, free up employee time, and allow you to focus on the big picture. Check out this video to learn more:

Options

to document attendance

Sign-in sheets are a thing of the past with eeds. By using one of our automated attendance tracking options you can free up staff resources while increasing speed, accuracy, and efficiency.
Smart Phone Some of the available options are:
Once attendees sign in, eeds will take care of collecting evaluations, outcome studies, and providing course materials and certificates.

Online Evaluations

collected automatically

eeds makes collecting evaluations from your attendees straightforward and effortless. Because we know who attended an event, we can contact that person automatically and give a link to the online evaluation. Attendees can complete their evaluation any time, including during the conference. Evaluations are totally customizable; sponsors can even set up rules to decrement credit for non-responders. Reports and statistics are compiled automatically as results come in! Evaluation

Outcome Studies

done the right way

Outcome Study Want to know if your CME event had an impact on physician practice? Want to know what barriers (if any) the physician experienced? eeds is the ONLY system with an outcome study feature which ties results directly to a specific CME event. Best of all, the system is totally automated, yet intelligent. With eeds, we:
  1. Ask what change they plan on making based on the current event they are attending
  2. Follow-up after the event reminding them of the change they intended to make
  3. Determine if they actually made the change
  4. Find out if there were any barriers in implementing the change
Can your paper outcome study do all that?

Speaker Disclosures

online, automated, fast

Collecting speaker disclosures with eeds is easy. Once you have set up your initial form, you can email it to speakers with a push of a button. The disclosure form only takes seconds for the speaker to complete...they love it. Disclosure results are automatically posted to your CME calendar and flyer. The system even has automatic notifications to remind speakers and coordinators if a form hasn't been completed in time. Speaker Disclosure

Audience Response System

engage your audience and enhance learning

ARS With eeds, your speakers can take advantage of our innovative Audience Response System(ARS). When the speaker displays a question during his or her presentation, it will automatically appear on attendees' smartphones/laptops. They answer the question and results are tabulated live. It's a breeze to use and is a great way to engage your audience!

Live Event Management

and registration

eeds can help you manage many facets of your live events. Our easy-to-use management console puts all the information at your fingertips. Some things you can do include:
  • Collect disclosures for course planners, moderators, etc.
  • Upload course and promotional materials for registrants
  • Set up various registration price options including early-bird specials
  • Manage speaker biographies, disclosures, and honoraria
  • Organize vendors and payments
  • Setup online evaluations and certificates
  • Prepare online registration
  • Process online payments. TouchNet Supported!
Online Registration
Watch this video to learn more about how eeds can optimize your live event management workflow:

Turnkey Reporting

- no database expert required -

Turnkey Reporting eeds has compiled an extensive library of reports for coordinators to access. Each report only takes a few clicks to generate! We offer an ACCME PARS export feature which can compile years of data in seconds. Additionally, eeds has specialized reports such as:
  • Tumor Board Reports (to meet COC requirements)
  • Resident Reports (to meet ACGME requirements)
  • Credentialing Reports (to keep physicians licensed)

Co-Branded Portal

all your CME in one spot

Want to have a website where your learners can go to find out about your CME offerings and register for events? Want to have the site branded with your logo? Want all of the course information (including access to enduring materials) to appear automatically? Want this service included without additional fees? With eeds, that's what you get. For no extra charge, we can set up a co-branded website featuring your logo and all of your CME offerings including:
  • Information about upcoming/current CME activities
  • Access to Enduring Materials and Post-Tests
  • Links to online evaluations
  • Links to your CME calendar
  • Links to register for live events
Co-Branded Portal

How to Get Started

and pricing details

Sign-Up Download our informational brochure and if you like what you read, contact eeds so we can learn about your organization's needs. We'll then schedule an online demo so you can see how everything works and put together a price proposal tailored for your organization and situation.

Pricing generally starts at $3000/year and allows an unlimited number of coordinators to access the system and manage events. Top-notch training and technical support is included!

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