CE Applications

Are you planning a CE Program? Nuvance Health has elected to collect CE Applications electronically through eeds. In order to complete your application:
  1. Select a CE Application below
  2. Provide basic information about the program
  3. The CE Administrator at Nuvance Health will be notified about the application request
  4. The CE Application Request will be reviewed
  5. You will receive an e-mail with the requirements to launch your CE program
Choose an Application to Begin
Joint Provider Application
Use this template for Joint Providers (all non-Nuvance Health). All forms must be completed. There is a $500 per application fee & $100 per credit hour. An invoice will be submitted. CV's for all speakers must be submitted to eeds. All planners and presenters must have a disclosure completed PRIOR to the activity occurrence.
Regularly Scheduled Series Direct
Nuvance Health Specific Application only
Danbury/New Milford Hospital
Norwalk Hosptial
Northern Dutchess Hospital
Putnam Hospital
Sharon Hospital
Vassar Brothers Medical Center