CE Applications

Are you planning a CE Program? Loma Linda University School of Medicine has elected to collect CE Applications electronically through eeds. In order to complete your application:
  1. Select a CE Application below
  2. Provide basic information about the program
  3. The CE Administrator at Loma Linda University School of Medicine will be notified about the application request
Many applications require request approval before completing the required worksheets. You'll be notified via email about request decisions.
Choose an Application to Begin
Live/ Online Activity or Enduring Materials App.
A LIVE COURSE is a live activity where the learner participates in real time; either in-person or live-streamed. Examples of a live course: annual meeting, one-off conference, or symposium.


An ENDURING MATERIAL is an on-demand activity that does not have a specific time or location designated for participation; rather, the participant determines whether and when to complete the activity. Examples include online interactive educational modules, or recorded presentations.
RSS/ Grand Rounds Application
Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS) is a live activity planned as a series with multiple, ongoing sessions, e.g., offered weekly, monthly, or quarterly. A RSS is primarily planned by and presented to the accredited organization's professional staff and generally targets the same audience over the whole series.